Ibeno C.O G. Primary school

Report on completion of rain water harvesting project for Ibeno Primary school sponsored with University Baptist Church in USA and implemented by Water for All Organization (WFAO) in Nairobi Kenya.

From the implementing organization (wfao) I James Onsare, take this opportunity to thank all who participated in making these project successes, it involved a lot of logistics and co-ordination which we received allot of co-operation from all of you. To start with we pass our thanks to Mr. Lin Carlison who linked us up to the University Baptist church who sponsored 60% of the required funds for this project. We tanks too all the committee members and members of the Baptist church of accepting to fund this project, which they did without delays.  Thanks too goes to the school committee, head and assistant heard teacher for dedicating their time to oversee the implementation of this project, we thank too the parents and children of the school for their contribution of local materials and free labor they offered to this project.   


The project is fully completed and water in now flowing to five taps out rate, one main that serves the school Kitchen, where they get water for preparing meals, vetch water for general cleaning of the school compound and class rooms. The other four taps, two each serve the toilets for both girls and boys, which they use to wash their hands after visiting the toilets and any other generals cleaning of their body. This will reduce by very high rate  contamination diseases which have been very common within the school community.

Since Ibeno primary school is within the Kisii highlands, that receive convectional rains from Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world. We are sure of having water throughout the year. If there will be a shortage it will not last for more than a month before getting more rain water.

Finally the beneficially, school committee member’s teachers and school children too have passed their special thanks to university Baptist church and Water for All Organization for such important gift of life “Water”



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