Water For All Organization is non-profit organization with its aim of bringing water and sanitation to schools, homes and health centres in different regions in Africa. Most vulnerable are the girl child and mothers, as they are the ones in charge of cooking, washing and keeping their sanitations clean.
Most affected are arid and semi arid areas which get very little rains fall or non. In recent years due to climate changes, in most parts of Africa, this has affected the rainfall batten, hence making sources, water springs, rivers, dams and wells to either dry up or reduce the water level drastically.

Organizational Structure


  • Chairman: Mr. James Onsare
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Fred Onkware
  • Secretary: Mr. Martin Nzioka
  • Vice Secretary: Mrs. Rael Karambu
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Judy Riungu
  • Vice Treasurer: Mr. Peter Moindi
  • Project Coordinator: Miss Maureen Achieng
  • Trustee: Mr. Chris Tidwell 
  • Trustee: Mr. Antony Karanja


  • Mr. Jonathan Maina
  • Mrs Cicilia Okoth
  • Mr. Kevin Nyakango
  • Mr. Philemon Aradi
  • Mr. Evans Tinega

Due to these we are encouraging the affected communities the importance of keeping, utilising well the little water that is available encouraging them to bring up the various methods of water conservations. As well avoid lots of deforestation that leaves their land bear, hence reducing rain attraction forces. This also brings in the encouragement of tree panting as a way of attracting the rains which is the main source of water.


What is water?

Several millions of people in Africa do not have access to safe, drinkable water. Many women and children in rural areas spend  allot of their time out of schools and otherfamily responsibilities each day walking long distances to collect water from unprotected sources such as muddy pools, wells, dams and polluted streams. This only available water is polluted hence attracting diseases caused by this polluted water and poor sanitation, such as cholera, diarrhoeal typhoid and dysentery, that common across most countries in Africa, these results in killing of thousands of children every day. 

In such affected communities, you realise the poverty level is very high due to spending most of their income in paying for medical cervices.  This further reduces the family resources ending up not able to get good nutrition food to their families. These lead to ignorance too as most children don’t go to school or drop out of schools at earlier stages of learning. 
Once communities have access to safe drinking water and effective sanitation, they can escape the water and sanitation poverty trap. Freed up from hours of water collection and the problems of water-related disease, communities are better able to channel their time and energy into more productive activities and livelihood. The pressure on family finances is reduced, by a reduction in the need for medical care for water-related diseases.

Ways out in helping such communities.  

Way out of helping these communities to prosper and come out of this poverty jail is to empower them on how they can have a solution of water shortages. This can be achieved mostly by training them the water conservation method, building water harvester such as Dams, Tanks, Sand water harvesting, planting trees planting and other methods.  


Our objective is to go deep into all African villages, which have not been exposed of their poor condition of water and sanitation and expose their real life situation to DonorsCooperate and well wisher, to mobilize recourses in terms of funds or any other forms, to assist these communities, schools, hospitals and others to have access to enough water for their day to day use.

Water Harvesting

Building of Gabions

As a way of preventing soil erosion, wfao identifies such area and assist the local communities in building the gabions to prevent soil erosion which coursed by running of rain water. This normally washes away fertile soils which is good fro crop production.

Providing seeds for tree Nurseries, Tree planting ( in community group and school)

As a way of creating clean environment that offers fresh air and attracts rain fall, wfao advocates on planting three. WFAO through support of donor, cooperates, build nursery seedling growing, which it later gives to various community member and schools for planting.


Allot of people loose their life to staying in dirty environments, especially in palaces of preparing food, wash rooms, birth rooms and others. WFAO trough sponsors plans and improves such area, by proving running water from the nearest sources, and puts up good drainage system, draining them to septic tanks. In most cases the schools are the most affected in African rural areas, in most cases, where children walk to school bear footed, walking such dirty environments, attracts various transmitted deseases. 


WFAO encourages volunteers to participate in any on going project; such volunteers bring in new idea which wfao like advancing on for better service delivery. We always indicate in our website on going projects or future confirmed projects.

Donors, Partner, Cooperates.

WFAO, can not go any far without the support from the Donors, Cooperate institutions and well wisher partners and individuals. The world belongs to all of us, people who stay in it are brothers and sister, its only that others are staying in allot of poverty. That is how we come in, those who are able to make any kind of donation, but they are not able to it directly, WFAO does it on their behalf by marking sure all the donation go for the right project and be utilised effectively



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Water For All Organization is non-profit organization with its aim of bringing water and sanitation to schools, homes and health centres in different regions in Africa.